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Key indicators your gutters are blocked 

1. Grass or plants are visibly growing in the guttering 

2. Your guttering or downpipe leaks or drips

3. During or after rainfall you hear the sound of dripping - on a conservatory roof or the ground

4. Your guttering overflows during heavy or prolonged rainfall

5. Dislodged tiles, slates or other debris is visible in the guttering

6. Your guttering noticeably sags

7. Your roof has a build-up of moss - weather, wildlife, gravity will result in this falling into your gutter 

8. Damp patches on the ground below the guttering 

9. Localised staining - often green algae is visible on your guttering's exterior 

10. Moss is forming on the ground below the guttering

11. Signs of localised surface erosion on the ground surface below the guttering

12. A localised area below your guttering is being 'splashed' clean

13. Damp or green patches are seen either vertically down or at the foot of walls below guttering 

How did your guttering fare ?


We'll be happy to provide a guttering healthcheck, which is free when you book a gutter clearance service



For an immediate free quote, without any obligation, contact us by phone, text, email or via our website's 'request free quote' form link below      

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