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Patio & Driveway Cleaning

Our peace of mind Customer Guarantee
      If you are in any way less than delighted with our services, we'll return and put it right, guaranteed
Our difference... 

All surface materials


Unique pre & post treatments


New Forest based


Fully Trained & Experienced


Polite & Friendly 


Fully Insured


Guaranteed Service Excellence 

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Stunning Results

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Our 6 Stage Process

Stage 1 Pre-Treatments               - oil & stuborn stains

Stage 2 Surface Preparation     - weed/moss removal

Stage 3 Clean Surface            - stunning results 

Stage 4 Post-Treatments            - inhibit weed regrowth

Stage 5 Finishing treatments      - resand joints 

Stage 6 Optional Treatments     - Seal surface to

                                                    prolong pristine finish


Patio, Driveway & Paved areas look beautiful when they have just been laid, but exposure will stain & tarnish it's finish. Grime, algae, oil, lichen & weeds all conspire to mar their

good looks. Aesthetics aside, unwelcome microscopic film can render 

your surfaces dangerously slippery when wet



We’re experienced experts in Patio, Driveway & all Paved surface

transformations - giving you back their beautiful pristine 'as new' look

so you can rightly be proud of them once again banishing slipperiness

                                     OUR TECHNIQUE
                                     A site assessment will inform the optimal approach selected to achieve
the very

best possible results. Surface material, condition, level & type of soiling will be considered. Our sophisticated cleaning armoury ranges from commercial grade flat surface equipment fed by powerful yet

controllable commercial pressure washer 

unit to, for more delicate surfaces or with

friable mortar joints our highly effective 

'no pressure' treatments


Our unique multistage process will pre-treat

specific problematic staining such as oil or

algae (green or black staining), will eradicate

& treat weeds before progressing to meticulous

deep cleansing of the surface material. Our

post-clean treatments provide unparalleled 

finishing touches including re-sanding for block

paving, persisting systematic weed treatment, 

invisible anti-slip treatments, eradicating algae, moss & lichen inhibiting re-colonisation

Our unique meticulous approach, equipment & treatments will leave all your surfaces cleaner for longer. 

We can even seal your now pristine surface, prolonging it's fantastic finish for literally years to come



Our conscientious service standards will ensure adjacent areas, 

garden & buildings, are thoroughly washed down ensuring no

unsightly overspray which other contractors often overlook


We'll leave your home clean & tidy and your patio, drive or path

truly transformed



We provide our service throughout the entire New Forest including

Barton-on-sea, Milford, New Milton, Lymington, Beaulieu,

Brockenhurst, Lyndhurst, Hythe, Waterside all locations inbetween,

see our mapped service area to right 



For an immediate free quote, without any obligation, contact us by phone, text, email or via our website's 'request free quote' form link below 




0771 907 907 7
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