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Solar Panel Array Cleaning


If your Solar Panels haven't been cleaned recently, their electricity generating efficiency will be adversely affected. Recent studies advise dirty panels show as much as a 30% 

efficiency reduction. 


Unlike vertical windows, solar panels are by their very nature sited in

exposed & awkward inaccessible locations such as on roofs, in a near 

horizontal elevation, increasing their vulnerability to a build up of grime,

dust & dirt. 


It literally pays to keep your panels clean! Once cleaned the resulting

increased efficiency from your optimised panels will immediately start to

accrue you financial benefits.



Our technically advanced system uses high reach extending (15 meters/50ft) telescopic poles surmounted with super soft bristle brushes which are fed directly with multiple streams of de-ionised pure water. Dissolving, lifting & rinsing away all forms of dirt & grime.
With our reach & wash system we can safely clean all your solar panels no matter how high or awkward they are, safely from the ground without the need for ladders.

Optimise your solar panels -  generate more

electricity & maximise your financial benefits by

booking a cost effective clean which will pay

for itself in no time.



We provide our residential solar panel

cleaning service throughout the entire New Forest including Barton-on-sea,

Milford, New Milton, Lymington, Brockenhurst, Lyndhurst, Beaulieu, Hythe

& Waterside - all areas within mapped circle. For commercial solar panel

array & farm cleaning further a field please contact us. 


For an immediate free quote, without any obligation, contact us by phone, text,

email or via our website's 'request free quote' form link below

Our peace of mind Customer Guarantee
      If you are in any way less than delighted with our services, we'll return and put it right, guaranteed
Our difference... 


Regular & Reliable


New Forest based


Fully Trained




Polite & Friendly 


Fully Insured


Guaranteed Service Excellence 


Uniformed Professionals


Great Customer Testimonials

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